Scuba Scott

Let Scuba Scott be your guide as you dive into an underwater adventure. He jumped in with both feet in 2013 and you can too! 

Scuba Scott has been instructing students in the art of scuba diving for a while. He was certified as an instructor after a jam-packed year of instruction and studying. 

His scuba students describe him as thorough, patient and comfortable. He puts your mind at ease as you learn. 

He follows the rules and practices what he teaches always. Thus, he creates a safe environment for learning. His students know they aren’t going to get hurt and that they can learn to scuba dive safely. He strives for them to be prepared and safe at all times. Having fun is a result of hard work and staying safe. 

Scuba Scott gives a personal touch to all his classes. He individualizes his teaching to the student(s). He offers valuable tips and advice to everyone who takes his classes.

Don’t be sorry you didn’t dive in sooner. Call now to ask your questions, get started and dive into an underwater adventure today! Las Vegas offers several locations to learn and there’s a lot of places nearby to scuba dive as well. 

We all know you’re dying to know what’s at the bottom of Lake Mead. Get started today so you can unlock the inky depths.