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Scuba Scott takes pride in providing professional and quality scuba diving lessons in Las Vegas. He wants that “two-thumbs” up review every time.

Here’s some testimonials:

Taking personal lessons with Scott was an awesome decision on our end. My fiance and I had done some research and looked around at a few different locations but most of them were in larger group type classes. It was nice to have more of a one on one with the instructor as it is easier for them to focus on two people rather than four or five. Scott was very knowledgeable and answered any questions and made sure if we didn’t get something he would make us practice or do it until we knew it without hesitation. He was also very accommodating schedule-wise, and the course was completed rather quickly, I can’t say I had one negative comment about the whole experience from start to finish. Overall, I would highly recommend Scott for new divers just getting into Scuba as he’s very personable and with the private lesson there was never any pressure from him due to time limitations.”

~ Sean Greener Jr.

“Scuba Scott and Scuba Diving Las Vegas are TOP NOTCH! I am a Divemaster and have had the pleasure of working with Scott on many dives, as well as taking classes with him. He is a really great instructor. Learning to Scuba dive is unlike just about anything else and Scott understands how something so new can be for students. he takes the time to listen as well as teach so he has a good idea where students concerns are and is incredible patient with students to help them overcome and be successful. If you are just starting with Scuba, or have been at it for years, I highly recommend giving Scuba Scott a call, you will not be disappointed. Don’t wait, call Scuba Scott and start or continue enjoying the underwater world!”

John B. 

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